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October 6, 2009

Funny news stories

Man Arrested At Apple Store After Threatening To Shoot His iPhone

I know it’s frustrating when your phone is broken, but telling an Apple Store staffer that you’re “so mad I could pop a 9mm at it” – before revealing you actually have a real 9mm concealed – probably won’t help matters.


Goldfish Ends Up As Food After Fight Over Jewelry

A Pasadena woman was outraged when her former common-law husband took back jewelry he’d given her while they where married.She returned the gesture, police said, taking goldfish from his apartment – and eating them!

Assorted Goldfish

Promise gone too far?

It was pretty impossible to find at that very moment, when Aleki Taumoepeau’s wedding ring slipped and sank into the sea. It might as well be finding a needle in a haystack, but even so, the ‘Lord of the Ring’, a New Zealand man, an ecologist, successfully found it a year later.


Dubbed the Lord of the Ring for a reason, he never gave up, and worked hard just to fulfill his promise made to his wife, to get the ring back. The ring was lost in Wellington, for more than a year, until Taumoepeau found it shining on the sea floor.

23rd Husband wanted

She’s 107 years old, been married 22 times already and is not ready to be single.

Wook Kundor from Malaysia has determined her current marriage is about to end. He husband who is 70 years younger then she is has gone to Kuala Lumpur for help with his dependency to drugs. When he is cured, she is afraid he doesn’t plan on returning to her.


Wook wants to travel to to see her husband, age 37, at the center, but she requires one of her neighbors to get her there. She wishes to talk with Muhammad, her husband and find out how he feels about her. If he still cares for her, she would keep him.


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